G.A.A. - innovative sewage treatment plants and waste water technology

With the experience of more than 400 sewage treatment plant projects, G.A.A. offers optimal solutions for designers, approval authorities, owners and operators.

Benefits for Engineers and Authorities

  • technologies in accordance with the generally acknowledged rules of technology
  • professional consultancy
  • scientific and engineering support
  • support during object monitoring
  • application of internal research and development studies

Benefit for Owners and Operators of Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • secure purification results
  • high operational reliability
  • low operating costs
  • simple maintenance
  • consultancy and support
  • training for wastewater treatment plant staff


The process for extension and renovation of pond sewage treatment plants

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Optimized clear water discharge with the Lineardekanter®

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Proven aeration system for pond treatment plants for more than 30 years

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Liftable aeration system with low maintenance requirements

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Our range of services

With our 30 years of experience, we are a competent partner when it comes to the design, development or construction of sewage treatment plants. We support you in your project in many areas with expertise and commitment.

CWSBR® in Alfeld

One of our CWSBR® in Alfeld.