The Original Line Aerator

Economic and quick to implement

Floating Line Aerators are the cost effective aeration device to improve the oxygen balance...

... of new and existing ponds at short-hand thanks to easy installation and quick exchange.

Preferrably fine bubbled membrane tube blowers are applied, ensuring fault-free intermittent operation with an economic energy demand.

Due to our long-standing experience in construction and production of wastewater treatment components and the specific choice of material and production techniques the Floating Line Aerators are optimised in respect to life-span, operational reliability, energy demand, maintenance and investment costs.

Gallery Line Aerator

Line Aerator Technology

The air blower produces compressed air, which the Line Aerator leads to the pond’s sole as fine bubbled aeration and into the aerator sump. For one, this brings about an input of aerial oxygen to the wastewater. On the other hand, this causes a laminar turnover of the pond’s volume in accordance with the compressed air lift pump principle.

The length-wise dynamic tackle automatically adjusts to waterlevel fluctuations serving two tasks: One, to hold the floating aerator in the pond with a ground anchor. Two, it functions as device to pull the aerator to land for maintenance purposes.