The liftable Aeration System

ROTA- LIFT is a liftable aeration system which fulfills the operators requirements of low personnel input, low service and maintenance necessity, high operational reliability and minimized investment costs for maintenance and operational faults.

At the same time, heavy weights during service and maintenance are avoided in turn increasing work safety for the personnel.

Consequently respecting these demands and experience in more than 400 wastewater treatment projects has led in 1990 to the development of our product, the ROTA-LIFT.


ROTA-LIFT Characteristics

  • Application in all common aeration tanks
  • Application for municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
  • No tank clearance for service and maintenance purpose
  • Central air distribution
  • Low labor force
  • Low operational costs
  • Central lifting device is integrated
  • One-person service and maintenance
  • Flushing device for cleaning of complete distribution system
  • All aerator elements are accessible in upright, standing position
  • Aeration tank equipment is accesible from operating bridge
  • Check-up of entire aeration grid in approx. 20 to 30 min