Constant Waterlevel Sequencing Batch Reactor

The difference between the classical and the innovative CWSBR® process (Constant Waterlevel SBR) lies in the elimination of the pending water levels. This is achieved with specially developed hydro sails divinding the pond into the holding, SBR and balancing zone.

The combination of treatment quality, cost effectiveness and extension possibilities makes CWSBR® technology a sustainable development instrument especially for small and medium sized communities.

Partner in New Zealand

For our clients from New Zealand we provide information of our local partner Filtec Making Water Safer.

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Characteristics of CWSBR®

  • Short implementation time due to low construction volume
  • Seperate and continuous sludge stacking
  • Usage of the highly effective SBR process
  • High treatment rate
  • No process-related fluctuations of the water level
  • Reduced energy demand
  • Continuous discharged quantity
  • No outflow quantity regulation
  • Optimised design of aeration and agitator equipment
  • Reduction of the total necessary tank (pond) volume
  • Reduction of treatment time during the sedimentation and decantation phase
  • No pond-typical winter-problems